What is activewear?

What is activewear?


Activewear is clothing specifically worn for physical exercise and especially for people who will be sweating and moving around a lot. Activewear should be worn during physical exercise not only for comfort, but for safety and practical reasons too.  Saying that, many people wear activewear these days that shows off their personality. You aren’t limited to styles, patterns or colors - you can be as creative and fashionable as you would be with your regular wardrobe.

Performance and Comfort

The main purpose of activewear is for performance and comfort in your workouts. You always want to be able to perform your best, but regular clothing just wouldn’t permit that. Could you imagine squatting in a pair of jeans or running wearing a skirt? It just wouldn’t allow you to do your best or feel comfortable while doing so. Activewear is usually specially made from material that stretches with you, so you don’t need to worry about tearing; nor do you need to worry about see through items, or feeling exposed. Not only that, many activewear items are made from ‘sweat wicking’ material. This stops you from absolutely soaking the place during your workouts! This will keep you even more cool and comfortable.

Health And Safety

Another important factor to take into consideration when selecting your activewear - health and safety. There are all kinds of different garments you can choose to workout in, but you need to be smart. One of the most important things is your choice of footwear. If you run in Converse, you’ll probably develop problems with your feet. However, lifting in Converse is actually recommended by many professionals! Running, lifting, and performing different exercises in the right shoes is a must. Then, you must think of other things. Leggings are a great all around item for different exercises, as there generally isn’t anything that can get stuck or caught in machinery. Floaty tops are fine, as long as you don’t get them caught in anything either. Bear in mind that sometimes floaty tops can fall away from the body during certain exercises. This can leave you feeling uncomfortable and exposed! This is why making the right choice for your kind of workout is essential.


You then have the fashion side of activewear. You don’t need to be heading off to the gym or for a run to wear activewear. Many people wear training shoes with their regular outfits these days, giving a more ‘sports luxe’ vibe to their outfits. Some people even wear a full sporty outfit, hoodies, leggings, training shoes - the lot. This allows you to be comfortable as you do whatever you’re doing that day. You’ll often see celebrities running errands in their favorite activewear items! As for showing off your personality in the gym, you can choose leggings in loud patterns, as well as slogan t-shirts. Don’t forget your brightly colored training shoes! You have lots of options to have fun with your style as you get sweaty.

Activewear is there to keep you comfortable, performing at your best, and safe. Once you’ve made sure of those things, you can have lots of fun with your outfits!


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