About Us

Eleven Years ago, I was in the process of managing being a wife and mom to my wonder crew. Working at a corporate company that was barely benefiting me financially. I would wake up every morning praying that God would allow me to walk in my calling or allow me to be happy in a job that was fulfilling. What that was, I still had no clue. With an Engineering degree and an MBA I just knew I was destined to be in corporate America.

 I was in search of something fulfilling, so I started playing around with owning my own company. It was just a hobby and it wouldn’t be that hard- at least that is what I thought.  I knew I wanted to sell activewear for women who had butts, thighs and fuller hips like me. I just didn’t know how. I told my husband Torrie. I was tired of not finding pants that fit me. I have a real booty, real thighs and I can’t be bending down showing my goodies. His first response, have you prayed about it and then what are you going to call it. We talked it through and came up with FAIR SHADE.

What does Fair Shade mean?
FAIR means establishing an equal market for all- including curvy women who don't fit in the typical small/medium low riding pants, but the women who have curvy bodies that need extra room and comfort on the back side. FAIR also represents having reasonable prices, not too high, and not so low that the Company cannot earn a healthy and sustainable profit margin. SHADE-  represents the different shades and product variances. It also represents the different ‘shades’ of women, with curvy bodies and different ethnicities.

In the meantime, at my corporate job, I found myself working myself into the ground. Building organizations, networks and training people who would soon be moved/promoted above me. Crying and praying constantly wondering why I was always overlooked. Why the work I was doing for a company was constantly being noticed and appreciated, but it never ever transitioned to pay or promotion. My only outlet was working out and dreaming on how to make Fair Shade successful. I loved the idea of owning my own, but it wasn’t a priority. I even took courses and received my SBDC Entrepreneur Success Series Certification, but procrastination was my best friend. I didn’t have the time or energy because I was to busy making other companies a success. Then it happened.

In 2015, my cousin, who was more like a nephew, was killed in a car accident. Devastation could not even describe the pain it caused. I didn’t know how we were going to move forward. But I knew with God- ALL things were possible. Then I heard a still voice, “its time”.  I took a deep breathe, cried and I told my husband, baby this is it, I can’t keep working for a company that is physically making me sick from stress, I have got to take Fair Shade seriously. I picked up the phone and called my close cousin and said- January 1, 2016- I am hitting the ground running.

January 1, 2016, while cooking dinner, I launched my plan – April is when I would launch FAIR SHADE.  

Launched on April 6, 2016, as an online retailer, located in Atlanta, Georgia, Fair Shade sells athleisure clothing, sport accessories, and custom apparel at competitive prices. We house a large array of popular, high quality clothing that is engineered for performance, while also keeping up with the latest trends, unique fabrics, cuts, and styles. We are expanding our selection by adding Fair Shade brand clothing items. As a unique brand, we focus on high waisted gear for women of all. For those with bigger bottoms, thighs and hips, our brand offers the perfect combination of comfort, security, and style. Thanks to these qualities, Fair Shade has sales channels on not only its website, but also at monthly expos, pop up shops, and festivals our brand attends. Fair Shade also has stores on Amazon, Google Shopping, and the social media platforms, Facebook , Pinterest, and Instagram which gives customers, nationwide, the chance to find athletic apparel that showcases their style and enhances their natural features.

We pray you will continue to support and patronize our business as we are growing.  We are a business with a love for God, people and our community. Keep supporting and sharing.


God Bless,

Takiya O’Gwin - Owner 



P.S. We are always looking for affiliates or influencers. Let us know if you are interested!