How Much Are You Worth? Reevaluate Your Self-Worth

How Much Are You Worth? Reevaluate Your Self-Worth
Self-Care 101
How Do You Maintain Your Self-Worth When Your Daily Schedule Keeps You Crazy Busy?
Most women today have extraordinarily busy schedules. Juggling the demands of business, home, and family can keep you hopping along at an alarming pace. That can make it difficult to maintain your sanity or to clearly define yourself or your self-worth. Why? Because women typically put themselves last on the take-care-of list. Today is the day to put a stop to that. It’s not only important, it’s vital that you take care of yourself in order to continue taking care of others. Keep reading for four reasons you must commit to self-care and maintaining your self-worth. 
False sense of fulfillment

A busy schedule can make you feel a false sense of fulfillment – until you stop long enough to take a good look at your life. When you take a good look at your hectic schedule, you may find that you’re serving everyone else around you and meeting their needs, but aren’t truly fulfilled or meeting your own needs. That lack of fulfillment often leads to questioning your self-worth. 

Finding right choices 

Your schedule needs to be filled with the right activities. One of the best ways to let your schedule feed your self-worth is by filling it with activities you love and are good at. Take a good, hard, honest look at your schedule. Can the activities that create the most stress be outsourced? Outsourcing is a smart way to delegate stress inducing activities while increasing your self-worth by letting you define, and give yourself a pat on the back for, the activities at which you excel.

Loving the word NO

Empowering yourself to say no when it’s necessary for your sanity and peace of mind goes a long way in establishing your self-worth. No is a powerful, little word. Your self-worth is clearly defined in your ability to say no because it lets you add and delete from your calendar at will and allows you to choose the things that allow you to feel fulfilled and say no to all others. Having the ability to NOT add things to your calendar is powerful. Don’t rob yourself of that bit of self-worth.


All about ME


If you really want to pay homage to your self-worth, try adding yourself to your own schedule. You’ll appreciate the luxury of a long, hot bath, an afternoon getaway, a morning workout class, or even an afternoon power nap. If your schedule and all its demands supersede the number of hours in the day, avoid pushing your personal time off the schedule entirely. When you take your personal time and self-worth seriously, others around you will start to do the same. After all, people will only value you as much as you value yourself because you teach people – including yourself – how to treat you.


  Learn to define your self-worth for yourself. Avoid allowing your job to define you, the same holds true of your career, marital status or parental status. Get truly honest and transparent about who you are at your core and embrace the amazing woman you are. Self-worth can be easy to lose sight of when it’s wrapped up in everything and everyone except you.  



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